Search for Clinical Trials has assembled some of the most powerful clinical trial locator sites in a comprehensive, one-stop clearinghouse of trial resources covering a vast array of illnesses and diseases. The links listed below can lead you to thousands of clinical trials currently under way in the U.S. and other countries. Each sophisticated site can assist patients, clinicians and caregivers to more easily navigate through this otherwise complicated search process.
CenterWatch Clinical Trials Listing Service
National Institute of Health (NIH) Trial Search.
NCI - Cancer.Gov
National Cancer Institute (NCI) Search for Clinical Trials
Coalition of National Cancer Cooperative Groups
Powered by Trial Check(tm)
American Cancer Society
ACS/EmergingMed Clinical Trials Matching Service
CancerConsultants Oncology Resource Center
Patient Resource Center Trial Search
Run by the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
NCI's Physician Data Query (PDQ)
Thousands of Clinical Trials, Described in both Scientific and Layperson Language
A Clinical Trial Search Engine Available to Cancer Patients and Caregivers

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