Patient Resources

The following are some of the many resources available to patients in need...

Resource Directories:
American Cancer Society
The American Cancer Society web site contains a wealth of resources for cancer patients.

Free Travel:
Corporate Angel Network
An Empty Seat is a Lost Opportunity... Giving Cancer Patients a Lift
National Patient Travel Center
Website of the National Patient Air Transport Helpline
The Air Care Alliance
Supporting the Nationwide Community of Charitable Aviators
Angel Flight America
Giving Hope Wings
Angel Flight Samaritans
Helping Cancer Patients and Their Families in Need of Travel for Medical Reasons
Children's Angel Flight
Helping Child Patients and their Families in Need of Travel for Medical Reasons
Angel Flight for Veterans

Free Lodging:
Fellowship Center
Outpatient Lodging, Knoxville, TN
National Association of Hospital Hospitality Houses
Serving Facilities that Provide Lodging and Services to those with Medical Emergencies

Other Resources:
Cure Magazine
Providing Cancer Updates, Research & Education

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